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Welcome To

Doodle Do Spa 

& Chick Inn

Welcome! Are we a Spa? Are we a Hotel? Yes, yes, we are if you happen to be of the feathered variety. If you are Chickens, Guineas, want some, want to be with some, want to learn about some, then you have found your happy place. And so have they!

In 1977, my wife fell in love with a feathered friend she named "Bessie"... so began a love that filled her heart like nothing else and a need to bend her grandmother's ear every chance she got on that little Arkansas homestead. Finally in 2015, we took our "better get to living" leap and started our own farm in Washington State​. In 2018, we loaded up the truck and packed it all back to the hills of Heber Springs (well, no there's no oil but we wondered too; so more later).


This is a very critical difference because for us it is not about quantity it is about quality; yet it is also not about the money it is about the integrity of the breed.  

We love to educate, we will talk chicken all day. Our girls and boys are healthy, never overbred or overworked.  They have lots of room; no small cages. They also retire here with nice retirement corn.


We like to focus on what some might consider less popular breeds which we have found make excellent layers, show birds, and lap chickens. We also focus on critically endangered breeds. 

So come on in, set a spell and see what we're up to on the farm. 


Breeding & Raising

Passion Overload

We are passionate about our birds that philosophy spills into everything. To ensure our birds have the proper nutrients and care from our farm to yours. Proper care keeps stress to a minimum and reduced stress leads to better birds.  We also want you to have the 

k​nowledge you need to enjoy your flock.

Why Choose Us


The bigger question is why wouldn't you choose us? 

You can expect the best tasting, and brightly colored breakfast additions from our layers. 

Our girls get fresh mountain air, grass, sunshine and a carefully crafted diet that has been selected for optimal performance. Living their best life provides optimal eggs and great eggs will make great chicks. 

We didn't work for years to hone and craft this beautiful canvas; we want you to enjoy.  Pure and Simple. 

We are committed to the core values of faith, quality, integrity and stewardship learned from our family traditions hundreds of years ago. 

We choose to take a higher level of care when working with animals and providing for our friends and family. 

At our core, we have always ​been animal lovers, that love shows in our birds. 

We maintain the strictest biosecurity measures. Our entire flock (not just one breed of bird) all of our breeds are NPIP certified. 

Additionally, I am NPIP blood tester for the state.

We thank you for stopping by the website to support our little farm! 

The Gan - Runner of the House

She's Mama and Grandma! She cooks, cleans and keeps us on our toes. If you have a stain she will find a way to get it out. You won't go hungry either...from homemade biscuits to muffins to cornbread in a hot iron skillet. She's old school southern and she will talk your ears off if you give her half a chance. 

She is also up before the chickens every day...don't ask us why guess once you are raised on a farm it doesn't leave.

Thanks Della Mae

Patrick - Engineer

He is our talented son who went through FFA at Lynden Christian High in Lynden, Washington. His teams went onto Nationals three times in multiple areas. He took first in individual and the team placed third then fifth in the nation over the years.  

A graduate from Harding University in Audio Engineering moving towards life in the real world. He just won his first several awards for a short film he wrote at the Harding Film Festival and it is currently entered in numerous other award events. 

He has several plays, musicals, movies, pilots and documentaries under his belt. 

He has accepted a full ride and will be a GA at the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!) 

He is also the brains behind a variety of farm operations. If it involves heavy lifting, electrical, plumbing, welding, or construction; he has and will get it done. 

Elaine -



She has always had a "Thing" with dogs, cats and rats (yes, rats) Dr. Doolittle and she loves all of them. 

We were at the Sheriff's Office when Jerri was approached by a large Law Enforcement software company to further her career and we decided she should take that leap of faith.  Later, when I retired, we moved to Washington State for her career. We had a beautiful life with some road bumps along the way; breast cancer, back and neck surgeries (for me). Then, Jerri fell in our barn.  She suffered a traumatic brain injury which led to a series of more falls and seizures began along with recovery. We ultimately lost everything- but Jerri lost more; she lost her career and herself; her identity...she forgot so much. We moved to Arkansas to start over with her family close and able to assist in caring for day to day needs which allowed me restart a new career at the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  We slowly rebuilt close to Heber Springs. 

Recently Jerri had a stroke and a series of TIAs.  So we adapt and overcome. Chickens and animals have always given her a complete level of peace and mental stimulation. 

God has blessed us with a beautiful life that we have because the alternative is unfathomable.  We plan to keep giving back every day we are blessed here  together as this unstoppable team! 

And wouldn't you know it we found this new life is more fulfilling. God always finds a way and life has never been better. 

Cherish your spouse and your family

Joe  - Of all Trades 

Now retired from military and public service 30 years (Navy, EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and an FBI investigative Task Force. You may ask yourself how did this New York native find himself in Arkansas with a southern bell trying to build a farm/sanctuary /rescue? 

Truth be told I have been involved with a variety of birds since I was in high school (Pheasants, Quail, Chuckers, Ducks, Pigeons, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Love Birds, and Conures). 

BUT, how am I so lucky to have 25 years with one of those true southern drawl ladies?  With this NY accent, right? I know, me too. 

I will tell you it wasn't easy. We worked at the Sheriff's Office in Florida together and I cooked a mean pulled pork for her. After a few dinners, finding a Sonic 2 hours away, afternoons fishing, letting  her drive my truck, Vols and Razorback football games...she decided she would keep me around. Then she took me on my first snipe hunt! It will be fun she least we bought me new camo and boots....

Now, our simple life together that God has blessed us with is a beautiful gift.  We also enjoy photography and fishing.   

I even say ya'll pretty good now between  my you guys and I will never pass on them biscuits and gravy for breakfast with my eggs! But the Grit no that goes for the Chickens, sorry folks. 

What our customers are saying

These were some of the best farm fresh eggs that I have had! Really wishing these eggs could be shipped up to WA!

Krystin Mosher, Gig Harbor, WA

Contact Us



[email protected]   or find us @


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 7;00pm

Sat: 9:00am - 3:00 pm

Sun: Church'in & Porch'in  WAIT!!!!    

We here at the farm are up at 3 right; so do we really even have hours ...  Days that end in Y - Dawn to Yawn 

That's better