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We have ten acres for our feathered and fur babies. Each little family group has their own customized, large coop which has been built specifically to their needs with attached secured runs for roaming. The runs include perches', sand for dust bathing, covered areas for shade and protection from predators. 

Free range is provided in grass areas with supervision and protection. 


We are committed to producing the best eggs and chicken! Friendly companions, good layers, and for those who need it; a dual purpose bird.

We are firm believers that there are certain birds who enjoy calm moments with their “people” and show affection for humans. Yet this same bird can have great show quality and purpose.

Our birds are NPIP certified, tested for other parasites regularly and we are committed to improving what people consider to be a back yard chicken without spending a fortune.


We are dedicated to the care and humane treatment of all animals. We believe that people will take better care of their chickens if they simply had more knowledge and we are happy to provide simple easy steps so everyone can keep healthy flocks. We will always strive to give accurate information that is in compliance with laws and is not threatening to flocks or the environment.

We oppose locking animals in tiny cages for the production of eggs or breeding hens with a rooster in tiny breeding pen just to make a few bucks every month.

There is no money to be had in doing this, it is purely a labor of love for us.

We source from other NPIP Certified breeders all over the USA to ensure our flocks are diversified. When line breeding, we use time tested breeding patterns.

Chickens have been a life-long passion and is the sole driving force behind our farm. We hatch eggs often and always hold back a couple from each hatch here on the farm to monitor lines and integrity. After all life is boring without chicken math.  

What our customers are saying

I may not be a customer but this is my true story...

I told Jerri Elaine, "I do not like fresh eggs because I was raised on a farm my whole life and forced to eat fresh eggs. 

So, no thank you at my age, I will never eat another farm egg." 

Joe brought in store eggs, cooked them for me to eat; well, I couldn't eat them. They had to be thrown away.

These fresh eggs do taste better. 

AND now I'm "eating crow" and eating farm eggs, Again. 

Della Mae Proctor Holley - Grandma (Ha, we were right, and Mama was wrong)