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Doodle Do Spa & Chick Inn Farm


Our entire flock has been NPIP certified in the state of Arkansas and we maintain a strict biosecurity standard on the farm to ensure that each flock member is healthy, safe and happy. We feed high quality food along with oyster shell, and grit. 

It is debatable in the poultry community about treats, fruits and vegetables. We feed chickens a nutritionally complete diet with free ranging time. We do provide a small percentage of key vegetables, fruits, and proteins which result in great tasting eggs, and bright sunny yolks. This choice to supplement has been hand crafted over several years with input from "Granny" and breeders who have successfully developed their own line of poultry feeds. 

We are very passionate about our feathered children and we ensure that they live long heathy lives. It is evident in the quality of their eggs, chicks and our flocks.

We have several flock members that we absolutely love in our Egg Layer Pens. They put the Chicken in the Chick Inn. We have had these breeds for years and they will always part of the farm. They often include Buckeyes, Andalusians, Brahmas, Delawares, Whiting True Blue, Dominques, Barred Rocks, Silkies (in several varieties: Frizzle, White, Black, Blue, Splash), Polish (Candy Corn and Black), and Australorps.

You may wonder what happens to these girls when old age hits them, Well they are given their chicken AARP card and retired where they play "hen-nuckle" and dust their days away clucking on about the old rooster. No freezer camps here

Pricing Varies Based Upon Breed

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We hatch small batches of chicks in the spring and fall but we offer hatch based upon request; meaning we are no "Chick-Mill"

If you would like a set of chicks please order your desired number of chicks (feel free to mix and match among the breeds) 

and in 21 days poof your special fluff balls are here and pay upon pick up. 

That simple.

Farm Fresh Eggs

$3 per Dozen

We gladly deliver eggs weekly to Heber  and  avail. to meet at drop off locations around town


Our farm fresh eggs are provided by NPIP certified chickens. They are separate from our breeding flock and free range daily. Eggs are laid in clean nest boxes, coated in mineral oil and placed in refrigerators.  

We always try to give a rainbow each week white, cream, shades of brown, blue, teal, green, and occasionally a special pinks or lavender. 

Our girls are not forced to lay. They lay when they lay. 



*Turkey eggs $10.00 discount when ordered with available dozen of chicken eggs 




*Discounts may apply on  orders of 3 dozen or more shipped eggs


We will always try to send extra

We will not ship eggs in extreme temperatures

Please read details on shipping eggs before purchase

 Hatching chicks is a wonderful experience.

Our eggs are collected daily and all orders are filled with the freshest eggs.

Individual incubations conditions and practices are beyond our control therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee hatch rate success.

Eggs will not develop correctly unless conditions of temperature and humidity are met.

We further recommend purchasing more eggs than you want chicks; if you're hoping to get hens. Statistically, your hatch should yield 50% males and 50% females. So,  recommend purchasing a few extra to increase your likelihood of hatch.

Although we're able to hatch at a 90%+ rate, most people buying shipping eggs are satisfied if they reach a 50% rate! Yes, 50% 

The traveling and handling eggs go through before making it into an incubator plays a factor into their hatch success. It's best to set your eggs within 24 hours of arrival ...allowing time to settle once bringing them home from the post office. 

Day Old Chicks

$4 & Up

*see specific pricing on rare 

& endangered birds

Chicks are minimum 

15 for shipping

All breeds can be mixed and matched based on availability

T​urkeys are not shipped- farm pick-up or local meet only. 

D​ay old Chicks can be shipped anywhere in USA 

with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico


is not 

included in pricing 

Farm Fresh Eggs

Do our eggs taste better? We think they do. We have spent years in Washington State learning from breeders who developed their own feed...learning about feed percentages and what made chicken's digestive system tick. 

Our eggs are hand collected daily from clean nest boxes. Our birds get daily mental stimulation in huge walk-in custom-built coops and runs designed to keep them safe from the predators. 

They also enjoy their favorite pass time, lap time with Mom. They will actually flock to her in lieu of free ranging; it is quite funny. She is a real deal Animal Whisperer and it has amazed me for over 25 years.  

Hatching Eggs

 We do not guarantee hatchability or health chicks due to many issues out of our control ... once eggs leave our facility. We believe eggs should be incubated within 1-2 days of arrival. To ensure optimal hatch rates, please have your incubator running in advance of the arrival date to make sure the incubator is running correctly.

We will request a delivery receipt on each shipment, so you will need to be Home & available to pick the eggs up at the post office. Before signing, open the box to see if any eggs are broken.

 If so, please take photos immediately & note it on the delivery receipt then call us

If eggs are somehow damaged, at delivery, we will work with you to arrange a ONE-time replacement. (Please read 

guarantees & refund page). 

 We raise our ladies naturally without forcing molts, or food restrictions. Chickens naturally have times when egg production fluctuates.  

We will contact you to determine the best optimal time to receive your eggs.

Day Old Chicks

 We're excited to offer friends and customers our day old healthy happy chicks from our NPIP Certified flocks. 

If requested clients will receive the appropriate NPIP paperwork along with their order via email or hardcopy.

Our chicks are shipped USPS the same day they hatch which allows 72 hours for the chick to live off of their yolks without requiring additional nourishment. We provide a heat pack (when needed) and electrolyte gel solutions for hydration as precautions. The shipped chicks will arrive at your Post Office. Be prepared for an early morning phone call and available to travel to the post office promptly to retrieve them. Your brooder area should be set up well in advance of their arrival. 

Do not leave your babies waiting!

Please review our guarantee and refund page for information about shipping or picking up live chicks.

What our clients are saying

 "...I've witnessed first hand the fact that (Jerri's) birds have it made...clean living conditions, premium food,... The amazing quality eggs her chickens provide are a testament to the care and devotion they receive. Health, diet, and living conditions are what contribute to healthy and delicious eggs. Do yourself a favor and try her eggs. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and you'll realize that not all eggs are created equally...."

Angie Blankers - Lynden, WA