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Day Old Shipping Chicks

Refund Policy Shipped Chicks

The option to ship our chicks USPS Priority Mail (this is the "FREE SHIPPING" option) is not recommended.  Doodle Do Spa and Chick Inn will NOT assume the responsibility for any late arrivals or deaths of any chick.

Chicks shipped via USPS Priority Mail EXPRESS with $100 of insurance and have a USPS shipping guarantee of 1-2 days is the only recommend option when shipping chicks.

Doodle Do Spa and Chick Inn does NOT take responsibility for how the USPS will handle your chicks while in transit. We ask that all customers receiving day old chicks via USPS open their chick boxes while at the post office.

Should there be any chicks dead on arrival, please be sure to have your postal worker make note of it so that we can file a claim for the $100 of insurance that comes with Priority Express shipping on your behalf. We understand that the $100 of insurance may not cover your entire purchase. You may REQUEST additional insurance in the comments section when placing your order with us.

We do honor 48 Hour Live Arrival And Livability Policy. 

We guarantee to ship only the healthiest of birds that are hatched the same day they are shipped. Chicks can survive 72 hours on their yolks.

We will either refund your money, replace your birds or add a credit to your account for any bird that has been properly cared for but has died within 48 hours after arrival. Customers MUST CONTACT US WITHIN THOSE 48 HOURS with any losses to be considered for a refund. 

Our chicks are raised from happy flocks on ten acres and allowed to free range with supervision. Due to the number of predators we do not 100% free range. We have very large custom built coops and runs much larger than anything that could be purchased. The free range is offered daily weather permitting with their guard girl Roxy who takes her job very seriously to keep her flock safe from harm. Our flocks are also tested yearly as required to maintain NPIP certification. If requested, clients will receive the appropriate NPIP paperwork along with their order via email or hardcopy.

Day old chicks can live off of their yolks without additional food or water for 72 hours, which is why shipping day old chicks is possible. Additionally we place all their beaks in water and offer feed. 

As a precaution, chicks are shipped with heat packs and Grogel/electrolyte solution.

Your chicks can also be vaccinated for Marek's Disease within a few hours after hatch; please let us know if you would like this option. 

 We ship throughout the USA with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

We will contact you should unforeseen complications arise and we cannot fill your order on your requested date. 

Local Pick Up of Hatched Chicks

All chicks are sold straight run from Doodle Do Spa and Chick Inn unless otherwise specified at purchase and agreed upon pricing with sexing request.

Our birds are tested regularly and our chicks are healthy and thriving upon pick up.

We cannot accept birds back as it would be a biosecurity threat to our flock.

Birds that develop some kind of unknown illness or die after leaving our premises will not be refunded after the 48 hour agreement outlined above. 

It is out of our control what the birds will be exposed to once they leave our property. It is recommended to perform a proper necropsy by a state vet/lab to determine the cause of illness or death of your birds. 

Doodle Do Spa and Chick Inn should NOT be held responsible for any deaths of bird after they have left our farm.

Refund Policy on Hatching Eggs

Your incubation conditions and practices are beyond our control so we do not guarantee hatch eggs. Eggs will not develop chicks unless exact conditions of temperature and humidity are met. 

Please review our hatching egg information page before ordering hatching eggs. 

We recommend purchasing twice as many eggs as you want chicks. 

If you are hoping for hens buy sexed chicks.

Plan on most hatch yields 50% males and 50% females and since you never have 100% hatch rate you will want to purchase extra eggs to increase the chances of hatching chicks. On the farm we are able to hatch at a 90% hatch rate, most people are happy if they get 50% on a shipped egg order. The longer an egg waits to be incubated the less likely it is to develop a chick. 

We raise our girls naturally so our egg production peaks and falls during each year. Therefore, sometimes, we cannot accommodate large orders of one breed at a single time but we are happy to work with you if you will work with the girls.