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What drives us ?  The Proctor, Carlucci, Kelly Legacy of family, farm, service, community...Love 

My Chicken Whisperer was raised not far from Heber Springs. Her family would come up to fish and vacation. Her and her brother dreamed of buying land and building a homestead for all the children to have a legacy of memories, just like they did on their Granny's 40 acres.  We have been blessed to attempt this dream and that is what pushes us. 

Jerri was raised by family (it took them all, so I've heard) her Granny, mother, father, a host of Aunts, Uncles and cousins...some of whom still call their beloved "Proctorville" home. But, her Granny was instrumental in framing her entire life. She has never let her britches wander far from those humble beginnings and beliefs that built her childhood and she always yearned for the day she could return. 

Our Washington farm was close but it just wasn't really Arkansas. In some ways that TBI was a blessing because it brought us back to family, back to roots, a foundation and framework. I am blessed to be able to fulfill this dream with my soulmate and see her eyes light up with joy at the beauty of simplistic, peaceful living. 

My life has been framed by the hard working Irish and Italian family that I was raised in and although I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island. Our family was deeply connected and close. We were taught there was no substitution for hard work. My Dad was a Fire Chief and Mom was the Italian cornerstone of our family.  

We have devoted this page to the truly miraculous people that need so much more that a photo credit. These people framed are lives, worked their fingers until they bled-some on farms, in cotton fields, on high line power poles, protecting this great country, and all made something from nothing. They taught us what they knew, how to love unconditionally. They showed us what Family means. 

We may be waiting to see many when we get to Heavens door but we remember every bit of your love and greatness and would never trade one second of time spent. 

Always hold your loved ones tight and never take a minute for granted. 

God Bless! 

1/2 of the Troublesome Twosome

Alan and Jerri were 8 years apart and as brother and sister they called themselves "Mom's Troublesome Twosome". Alan looked up to his big sister and they were often inseparable. Our families were planning a company together with talks of moving to Heber when his children graduated high school. 

Alan was involved in a collision and God received him home on August 29, 2019 at the age of 39. 

Bud until the circle is complete in heaven 

God keeps you in his army of angels. 

Thank you for your dedicated service to our Country and your family.