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We have been through a lot of chicken products and we get asked a lot of questions about what to do you use for feed or water and there are thousands of items on the market.

We have used them all and I do mean all over the course of many years. 

We wont get into the why or why nots but here are the choices of some of our favorite items around the chicken industry that we have on hand at all times or we use on the farm.   Come back we will add some more soon. 

Premier One Heated Poultry Drinker

When the chicks get a few weeks bigger they move into the larger playpen with perches at this time they rarely need heat. 


Heating Plates Chick Brooder (NO HEAT LAMPS)

We prefer the small Quail base drinker for newly hatched chicks. We have never had a chick of any size drown. 

Chick Btooder

Rural 365 Treadle Feeders

We like the collapsible pet traveler for brand new chicks. Plenty of room and easy to clean out. 


Grandpa Feeders

Baby Chick Roost

What I should have in my “Emergency Health Go Bag” for being a new chicken owner. Making a "go bag" is something every chicken owner needs.

Here goes our comprehensive list of what we still keep today in a soft sided zippered tool box with many pockets for quick and easy access or in our cabinets in the coop.

• Broody breaker for broody chickens or sick chickens to be able to separate from flock (A soft sided dog kennel works or a hard dog crate with open air bottom for broody girls.

• Small tote for Chicken baths

• Various sizes of scissors small, medium and large

• Splinter forceps

• Dog nail clippers (for trimming beaks, spurs, and toenails)

• Electric Dog hair trimmer (for polish and silkie top knots)

• Scalpel

• Numerous pairs of tweezers because one pair is never enough

• 500 rolls of paper towels

• Cotton towels (old rags would be fine) to wrap bird in for comfort / control

• Epsom Salt

• Tylan (or some sort of Antibiotics)

• Selenium with Vitamin E (Wry neck)

• Corrid

• Styptic powder (for bleeding nails and beaks)

• Triple Antibiotic Cream

• Liquid Bandage for Injuries (NO Blue Kote or Blue Hen Healer; nothing blue to draw attraction to the injured area)

• Vetericyn Foaming Shampoo (for pasty and dirty butts)

• Vetericyn Poultry Spray (instead of Blue Kote and Hen Healer)

• Hydrogen Peroxide (Bumble foot and other injuries)

• Vaseline (Scaly leg mites)

• Coconut Oil (for preparation of frostbite on combs and wattles)

• Elector PSP (for lice and Mites)

• Ivermectin (worms)

• Sav-A-Chic, Rooster Booster or Hen Healer (for shock)

• Electrolytes (for shock and dehydration)

• Honey (new chicks with rough start just an extra boost)

• Probiotics (for gut relief)

• Superglue (for broken beak repair)

• ProZyme powder (digestive and nutritional support for ill chickens

• Regular Dose Aspirin

• Preparation H Cream

• Eye Wash or Sterile Saline

• Eye Droppers (for hand-feeding water, medications, and liquid nutrition)

• Flashlight and a headlamp to wear on your head

• Magnifying glass preferably one with a light on it

• Chicken saddle (for hens losing feathers during over-mating)

• Q Tips

• Toothbrushes for cleaning around feet and vent areas

• Disposable booties to cover your shoes and gloves for your hands

• Syringes to use for irrigation and administering meds

• Needles (fine gauge)

• Vet Wrap LOTS of Vet Wrap (for spraddle leg and wrapping wounds)

• Gauze pads various sizes

• Butterfly bandages (are the king of bandaids)

• Tongue Depressors for foot injuries such as curled toes

• And the kitchen sink